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Hello Ember

A Quick Overview of Ember.js app.

Vanja PetreskiVanja Petreski

Ember.js is a framework for web developers.  I went through their excellent documentation and made an EmbeRentals app along the way for the sake of learning. You can find the source code and see it live in action.

Learning Resources

For more in-depth topics:

Ember CLI

Ember CLI  is the official command line utility used to create, build, serve, and test Ember.js apps and addons. You can use it to bootstrap your app, get project structure setup, zero configuration, running, testing, building, using generators for boilerplate code, addons, etc.

Editor / IDE

My choice is WebStorm IDE from Jetbrains, but I am considering trying Atom text editor also.

Project Structure



Ember.js takes testing seriously. TDD approach in their docs, Ember CLI automatically creates tests while using it’s generators to create different elements of the app. They use QUnit by default. Excellent support for unit, integration and acceptance testing. If you visit http://localhost:4200/tests you can run and see all test results in the browser. With ember test tests can be run in the console.


You just have to deploy dist folder content to your web server and that’s it. I deployed this app using I didn’t do production build because I wanted to keep Mirage fake data and not to implement my own API for this app 😉

ember build --environment=development
mv dist/index.html dist/200.html
surge dist


Seems like a mature framework worth exploring more deeply. I was surprised that Serbia has Ember community and even a mascot with traditional Serbian clothing:

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