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Import Fees in Colombia by Amazon

Amazon offers Import Fees estimation during checkout and customs clearance on your behalf.

Vanja PetreskiVanja Petreski

I was wondering about import fees in Colombia if I order something over the Internet. On the Internet I’ve found only information that you have to pay import fees if your package is more than $200. So I decided to test it myself and, fortunately, did it via Amazon:

So, as you can see, on final price (merchandise + shipping & handling) there is ~19% import fee. The best thing of all is that Amazon handles that for you in Colombia! More info here.

In case you don’t use Amazon and order from some other source that doesn’t handle import fees this is the drill: value of the package doesn’t matter if package is shipped via DHL or FedEx, for example, they will charge import fees of ~19% even if it’s below $200. When package arrives in Bogota, you will receive an email and/or phone call from courier that you have pending fees and you have to call them to say that you will pay when package arrives to you. Then they will proceed with shipment. If you don’t respond in a few days, they will return package to the origin.


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