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Welcome to the personal blog of Vanja Petreski. Software Engineering. Travelling. Thoughts. Scroll down for recent posts..

How To Pack and Travel Light

Few years ago when I had my first big travel adventure (five months in Latin America), I made two beginner’s mistakes: I almost made a blueprint of the trip, planning almost everything I overpacked, taking with myself, in a backpack, everything that I’d possibly need in any situation Very quickly I realized that things never [...]

Vanja PetreskiVanja Petreski

Why Medellín, Colombia?

Many people ask me why I’ve decided to live in Medellín, Colombia, when I can choose to live wherever I want. After few years of travelling around the world I started feeling tired and with desire to find a perfect place for me and make my base there. I made a list of things what my base should have and look like. It turned out [...]

Vanja PetreskiVanja Petreski

Blogging Tools

It’s time to start blogging! 🙂 But first, we need some tools to make our lives easier. I generally prefer minimalistic / Zen approach, so my list of blogging tools is small, but efficient, let’s see: WordPress WP Engine Cedar JetPack Yoast SEO MailChimp Unsplash Coffee WordPress WordPress is a free content management system [...]

Vanja PetreskiVanja Petreski